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    Pictures of a Sourdough Loaf

    I’ve been working on Sourdough Bread made using the general recipe in Wing and Scott, “The Bread Builders,” but modified a bit. I’ve had pretty good success making sourdough from a starter that I initiated and then used after a few days, but I’ve decided to go the traditional route and keep a starter going for a while. I chose the Wing and Scott process because it made the most sense to me and they described the process in easy-to-understand language, a rarity in Sourdough Land. I’ll be doing a workup on it in the near future.
    I’m also working on a way to replicate a very large cloche and a ceramic oven in a regular oven. These experiments are just starting, but they appear to be interesting enough to continue. More later.
    The dough had a 4 hour final rise and seemed to spread out a bit without a lot of loft. The slashes weren’t especially obvious, but they really blossomed out when it baked.
    I baked it in a cloche that I heated in the oven for 45 minutes. Baked at 450F for what seemed forever, like 45 minutes.

    Sourdough loaf.

    Here’s a shot of the crumb after the loaf cooled for a while. The bread had a medium tang and a great crunchy, thick crust. Just what I was shooting for.

    Sourdough crumb and thick, chewy crust.

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