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    My Bread Book Shelf

    Okay, I admit it, I’ve met very few bread books I didn’t just have to have. I have upwards of 50 bread books and some folders of recipes culled and copied from other books that I couldn’t manage to get. I have another page of book reviews which I have put together and which is still growing, as I get the time and organization to enter my comments. This page, however, is a straight listing of my bread books.

    You’ll notice a lot of standard bread books and a few that you’ve probably heard of. I’ll bet there are some in here that you’ve never heard of and some that you wonder why I have them. Well, the short answer to the question “Why on earth did you buy —–?” is akin to what Mallory is reputed to have replied when someone asked him why he climbed Mt. Everest: “Because it’s there.” Show me a bread book in a discount or used book shop and I’m good odds to buy it.

    You’ll notice several books from Fleischmanns’s Yeast, Better Homes and Gardens and Sunset Magazine, among others. I’ve found over the years that these omnibus editions are usually well-done and the recipes all work pretty well. The only problem with them is that they are usually done in cups of flour, but that’s not a deal breaker. You can usually find books like these in used book shops for a few dollars. They’re worth the price.

    Here’s the list, in somewhat of an alphabetical order by author’s last name. Some of them aren’t strictly bread books, but the ones that aren’t still have good sections. As you can see, I buy old books and pamphlets from the ingredient companies. I love reading the old comments and recipes. For all of the books, I’ve added a few comments to guide you.)   I’ve provided links to illustrations and further reviews on where they’re available, in case you’re interested.

    Harold McGee, On Food and Cooking. Not a bread book, but a valuable book for anyone interested in food and cooking.
    Rosemary Barron, Flavors of Greece
    Better Homes and Gardens, Bread Cook Book
    Bon Appetit, Breads
    Bon Appetit, Pasta and Pizza
    Bush, Pizza and Italian Breads
    Raymond Calvel, Taste of Bread The Classic, but the English edition is not well translated and sometimes very confusing. Still, it’s the best there is.
    Vilma Chantiles, Food of Greece
    Bernard Clayton, Breads of France Old, but still good. The stories are very good, too. My first bread book.
    Bernard Clayton, Complete book of Breads
    Kathy Cutler, Festive Breads
    L.L. Deitrick, Manual for Army Bakers, 1916 Yes. A rare oddity, but fascinating.
    F.L. Dunlap, White vs Brown Flour 1945 take on flours.
    Edmunds, Cookery Book New Zealand
    Farm Journal, Farm Journal’s Homemade Breads
    Farmer, Rumford (Baking Powder) Cook Book. Not a bread book, but some good recipes for baking powder breads and the like. 1920?
    Erik Ferrigno and Ursulla TrueilleArt of Bread They have written another book, “Ultimate Breads,” with virtually the same name and content; don’t buy both.
    Carol Field, Italian BakerThe Classic book on Italian breads. There appears to be a new edition coming out in late 2011. Yay!
    Fleischmann’s Yeast Company, Best Ever Breads.  Softcover and very good, but dated and in cup measure.
    Fleischmann’s Yeast Company, Delicious Recipes No date, looks to be 1921, from internal evidence. Subtitled 37 Breads and Some Cakes. You don’t suppose they’re written on marzipan, do you?
    Maria Floris, Bakery — Cakes and Simple Confectionery
    Franco Galli, Il Fornaio Baking Book Very few master recipes, but he manipulates them in many ways.
    Paul Gaylor, World Breads I have an earlier version; good little book.
    General Mills, Artisan Breads Great little booklet. Here’s the LINK to view it.
    Wayne Gisslin, Professional Baking Not a warm-and-fuzzy, hand-holding book, but great. Several editions available; I can’t believe there’s much difference between them.
    Maggie Glezer, A Blessing of BreadJewish breads from the diasphora.
    George Greenstein, Secrets of a Jewish Baker The real deal. This is the older edition. There is a newer one available.
    Jeffrey Hamelman, Bread Great introduction to bread baking.
    Anissa Helou,Savory Baking of the Mediterranean
    Beth Hensperger, Bread For All Seasons Wide variety of recipes.
    Edward H. Heth, Country Kitchen Cookbook
    Christine Ingram and Jenny Shapter, Cook’s Guide to Bread Surprisingly amazing little book. There is a new version out with a bit more content; buy one or the other.
    Pamela Sheldon Johns, Pizza Napoletana! THE book on DOC Pizza, the real thing.
    Judith and Evan Jones, Book of Bread Interesting older book.
    King Arthur Flour, King Arthur All-Purpose Baking CookbookWhatever you want to bake, it’s probably in here. With this and Gisslin, you’ll never be caught off guard.
    Daniel Leader, Bread Alone Buy Local Breads instead.
    Daniel Leader, Local Breads Excellent intro to less well-known recipes.
    Judith Olney, Judith Olney on Bread Very good, very creative.  Older and in cup measure.
    Joe Ortiz, Village Baker Frustrating but worth the effort.
    Gaitri Pagrach-Chandra, Warm Bread and Honey Cake
    Theoni Pappas and Elvira Monroe,Greek Cooking for Everyone
    Peter Reinhart, Bread Baker’s Apprentice Buy this before or after Hamelman’s Bread. Not a beginner’s book.
    Peter Reinhart, Crust and CrumbAn excellent introduction to Peter Reinhart’s methods and considerable abilities.
    Sunset Magazine, Cook Book of Breads Has Sunset ever produced a bad book? Many editions. No, I don’t have them all.
    J. A. Wihlfahrt, A, href=”″Treatise on Baking I have the 1928 edition of this fine bread book. There are many other editions available.
    Wing and Scott, Bread Builders Sourdough bread and wood-fired ovens.

    Plus another eight or ten ethnic and other cookbooks that have very small sections on breads, Indian, Armenian, Persian, charity cookbooks, etc.

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