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    The New Look

    ABB has a new look, courtesy of the fabulous Atahualpa theme. ( I was dissatisfied with the way the old one was looking, but couldn’t find a theme I liked.

    This theme is fantastic. Looks good, is easy to use and is infinitely customizable. It’s free and has a large support forum and installed user [...]

    Slight Revision of the Site

    I have changed the navigation on the site from a drop down horizontal menu to a more traditional vertical menu. I placed it on the left hand side of the page so it will be easily visible.

    Quite a few visitors took exception to the drop down menu, saying it was difficult to use, didn’t [...]

    Sourdough Starter — Quick and Easy

    I’ve just activated a new starter and thought I’d post what I did to get it going. There are several good starter sources, but I’ve always preferred to do my own, partly because that’s just the way I am and partly because I want a starter that reflects where I live, which is Central New [...]

    Sourdough, in Spite of the Heat

    The daytime temperature here in New Jersey has been breaking all sorts of records lately, which makes any sort of bread baking difficult. I’ve been making pitas, English muffins and other simple breads, trying to keep the kitchen from turning into a sauna — or maybe a steam room.

    We got a break these past [...]

    New Forum

    I hope the third time is charmed!

    There’s a new forum on Artisan Bread Baking dot Com with a new forum package. Take a look, sign up and get started.

    I’ve set up several categories for posts just as a start; we can add more and different categories as we need them.

    There is a [...]

    New Bread in Town

    Just posted a series of me making Buttermilk Bread, from George Greenstein’s “Secrets of a Jewish Baker.” This is a very nice sandwich loaf that happens to toast up well. Pretty easy to make and almost non-fail.

    If you have the book, be sure to read the section on the page where I discuss the [...]

    A Different Picture – Image Method

    Starting with the Joneses 100% Whole Wheat recipe, I’ve decided to use Weebly for at least part of my web site. For the near term, I’ll be using it as the display method for the images of baking and other efforts. This represents a change in the way the images will show up, but I [...]

    A New Post — 100% Whole Wheat Bread from Judith and Evan Jones

    Just made this lovely bread. It’s quite quick and easy and tastes good. It has a slight sweetness to it and toasts well.

    Take a look. I think you’ll like it.

    It’s in All Recipes, Easy and Whole Grain.

    A New Bread — Brazilian Fruit Bread

    I just posted a new bread, Brazilian Fruit Bread. I made it for Easter for friends who were entertaining future in-laws from Brazil. Everyone loved the bread, but the Brazilians said they had never seen this bread in Brazil. Who knew?

    You can find it listed under All Recipes, Sweet Breads and Festive Breads.

    I’ve [...]

    Collapsing Centers

    A poster on a discussion board I frequent posted a note about a loaf that looked fine until it started to bake, then sagged in the middle of the loaf during baking.  The poster was using a bread machine that would bake 2, 2.5 or 3 pound loaves and the effort under discussion was a [...]