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    Shop at Amazon for All Your Kitchen Needs


    Here are links to some web pages and suppliers I’ve found to be helpful, valuable or both. In each case, I’ve either used the web page or shopped at the store.

    If you’ve looked at the list of bread recipes, you know that I love Greek food and the culture. It should come as no surprise that the first entry is for The Greek Store in Kenilworth, New Jersey, USA. This is my favorite place for Greek ingredients, cheeses, cookbooks and all the other things that I love from that part of the world. They have mastic, mahlepe, orange flower water, grains and a host of other ingredients and a wide assortment of oils, canned goods and other things.

    When I make pizza, I turn to Jeff Varasano’s Pizza site. Jeff is crazy about pizza and it shows. He has had this recipe on the web for a few years, and now he has his own pizza shop. If you want to make pizza, this is the recipe to use. Maybe this isn’t a recipe — maybe it’s an insight into a way of life. Either way, this is a good site.  I use either this recipe or the one in Pamela Sheldon Johns, “Pizza Napoletana.”  They are similar recipes, so there isn’t a whole lot to choose from between them.

    The Artisan is a comprehensive website for all food Italian. The discussions and recipes are all first-rate. If you are interested in Italian food, this is a must-see site.

    Samartha has a comprehensive sourdough site. I admit, the site is a little (!) intimidating when you first open it up, but if you take things a step at a time, you’ll be rewarded with some fantastic bread. His discussion of the Detmold 3-Step process is excellent.

    As you can read in the scale review in the tools section, I love my Eat Smart kitchen scale., also available through Amazon — please use my Amazon link in the sidebar on the left. (Thanks!) If you haven’t seen my rave review, Here It Is