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    Pictures of a Sourdough Loaf

    I’ve been working on Sourdough Bread made using the general recipe in Wing and Scott, “The Bread Builders,” but modified a bit. I’ve had pretty good success making sourdough from a starter that I initiated and then used after a few days, but I’ve decided to go the traditional route and keep a starter going for a while. I chose the Wing and Scott process because it made the most sense to me and they described the process in easy-to-understand language, a rarity in Sourdough Land. I’ll be doing a workup on it in the near future.
    I’m also working on a way to replicate a very large cloche and a ceramic oven in a regular oven. These experiments are just starting, but they appear to be interesting enough to continue. More later.
    The dough had a 4 hour final rise and seemed to spread out a bit without a lot of loft. The slashes weren’t especially obvious, but they really blossomed out when it baked.
    I baked it in a cloche that I heated in the oven for 45 minutes. Baked at 450F for what seemed forever, like 45 minutes.

    Sourdough loaf.

    Here’s a shot of the crumb after the loaf cooled for a while. The bread had a medium tang and a great crunchy, thick crust. Just what I was shooting for.

    Sourdough crumb and thick, chewy crust.


    Welcome to the new and improved Artisan Bread Baking web site.
    I have converted most of the content from a programmed website to a WordPress format, which wil make it easier to add new content for my readers.
    All the content is in place and there are some new topics. If you find errors or have questions or comments, please email me at
    I have a busy summer planned for the site. I’ve got full-scale presentations in the works for Czech Rohlik, Greek Whole Wheat Bread, Raisin Pumperenickel Bread and Cuban Bread and a whole series on Rolls (especially Kaiser rolls). In addition, I will be starting work on the Projects listed in the menu and some videos to help elucidate some topics.
    Please visit often; I hope you find something here to whet your appetite and pique your interest.

    Barry Harmon