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    I have a soft, warm spot in my heart for rolls.  Sort of like the rolls themselves.

    You can make rolls from just about any dough, make them as big or little as you want and shape them in a variety of ways and they will all be great.

    I make rolls at least once a week. They go in the freezer and to friends, at least that’s what happens to the ones that survive the initial “tasting.” (“Did I get that right? Better have another to make sure. Pass the butter and jam, please.”)

    I’ve posted some roll recipes, but the real deal with these little beauties is that you can make them from just about any dough, from ciabatta, French baguette or Italian to challah, brioche and sourdogh rye.

    Let your imagination run wild and you’ll come up with all sorts of sizes and shapes made from many different doughs. The only thing they will have in common is that they will be fun to make and they will taste good.