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    Braiding – 3 Strands

    A three strand braid is the one most people are familiar with, as it’s the normal hair braid that people commonly use. It’s a very simple braid.

    When you cross a strand over another, you then cross the strand that wasn’t involved over the strand you just used to cross over. If you cross strand A over strand B, then you must cross strand C over strand A. Strands A and B were involved while strand C sat alone.

    1.  Pinch the three strands together. You may need a bit of water to make them stick together.

    2.  Splay the strands out, then move the far right strand over the one next to it.

    3.  Move the strand on the left over the strand next to it.

    4.  Move the strand on the right over the one next to it.

    5.  Move the strand on the left over the one next to it. 

    Keep repeating this sequence until you have used up all the dough.  Pinch the ends together tightly, tuck the ends under  a bit, work the dough to make it evenly sized and you are done.

    Ready to go.

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