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    Dough or Roll Presses or Shapers

    I don’t know what to call these little gizmos, but roll shapers seems to be an apt description. The important thing about them is that they are really neat tools to give your rolls and other small breads interesting designs or shapes. I have several and I’m always on the lookout for more.
    Here are three that I have, a pinwheel-looking one for Kaiser rolls, a spiral one for dinner rolls, and a circle-and-arm one for Rosette rolls.
    Yes, the rosette press is really an apple corer. I priced rosette cutters and found that various places wanted as much as $50 for one. Then, one day, I was looking through one of our kitchen drawers and noticed the apple corer and how much it looked like a rosette cutter. I tried it and it worked pretty well, so I’ve continued to use it ever since.
    I’m always on the lookout for interesting cutters or shapers, so don’t be surprised if some rolls show up here with some novel designs cut in the tops.
    Here are the three cutters I have so far.
    My three dough presses: Kaiser roll and spiral cutters in the back and the apple corer / Rosette cutter in front.