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    A Funnel is one of those things that you don’t miss until you have it and then don’t. If that makes sense.
    The funnel I’m referring to is the one I use to pour boiling water into the heated pan on the oven floor, the one that generates the water vapor / vapour that helps the crust get brown and crisp.
    As you’ll remember from the Steam discussion, we use boiling water because it gives us an initial blast of hot water vapor without lowering the temperature as much as using cold water or even, heaven forbid, ice cubes.
    The downside of this method is that there IS a blast of hot water vapor coming right at you even as you do this. There is a very real danger of getting hurt by this steam, since your hands and face are right in the path of the steam.
    Enter the Automotive Automatic Transmission Funnel. This is a regular funnel on steroids. It’s about 18″ / 45cm long and made of heavy-duty plastic. If you use this to pour in the boiling water, your hands and face will be well away from the hot steam and you shouldn’t be in any danger. You can buy one of these in any automotive supply store for about $5. It’s money well spent.
    In keeping with our policy of using tools for many purposes, you can also use this funnel to water hard-to-reach plants.
    Here are two pictures of my funnel, one as I use it and the other next to my Kitchen Aid and Cuisinart so you can tell how big it is.
    My transmission funnel being used to pour water into the heated broiler pan.
    My funnel shown next to my Kitchen Aid mixer so you can tell how big it is.