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    Bakers Peel

    A bakers peel is an indication that you know what you’re doing. Guests will love watching you snap the peel and leave the dough on the baking tiles and then retrieve it after it’s done baking. You can buy a traditional wooden peel or a new, modern, metal one; both work well. I have an old wooden peel that I’ve had to glue back together a couple of times — don’t try to push a wire rack full of dough and baking tiles back into the oven using the peel, it won’t work. The critical thing about a peel is to get one that is big enough to handle the largest pizza you will make, but one that also has a short enough handle to allow you to manipulate the peel easily. If the handle is too long, you may find that it gets in the way.

    Here’s mine, glue spots and all. I guess it’s about 25 years old, but who’s counting?

    My peel, patches and glue and all.