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    Kitchen Scale

    In this day and age when most things don’t quite live up to their advance billing, it’s refreshing to find a gizmo that simply does what it is supposed to do, in this case weigh things.
    I’ve been searching for a good kitchen scale for a long time, maybe 30 years. I’ve tried four or five and they were all unsatisfactory, some lasted a couple of weeks, some forced me to use them for several years. But I now have my revenge: I found THE scale.
    Behold the EatSmart Precision Pro kitchen scale from Health Tools LLC in Mahwah, NJ, and available through Amazon with, I believe, free shipping. Price $25.00 or so.
    This little gem will measure to 11 pounds or 5 kilograms.
    It measures in grams, kilograms, ounces and pounds.
    It is accurate to 1 gram and 0.001 ounces.
    It has a very quick start up and a 3 minute delay before it turns itself off.
    The tare function is easy to use and works well.
    It seems immune to flour getting in the works, at least in the year I’ve been using it.
    This may sound like a rave review and it is. I’ve had this scale for a while and really love it. Sounds crazy, I know, to be in love with a scale, but if you’ve visited my site a bit, you realize that my scale is an integral part of my method — if the scale doesn’t work, I’m an unhappy guy. This scale keeps me happy.
    Here’s a simple picture of the EatSmart Scale. Notice the nice, big numbers and the maybe-fully-flour-proof design.
    The EatSmart Kitchen scale.