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    Kitchen Scrapers or Bench Knives

    From time to time, you will have to work with a large batch of dough, cut your dough in pieces or clean up the mess on the counter. Those are the times you reach for the trusty bench knife, or scraper.
    The most common one is a flat blade with a wooden handle. I’m sure you’ve seen it in stores and on the Internet; it’s hard to miss. I’m sure it’s very good. But I use something a bit different.
    I raided my workshop and brought in my plastic dry wall knives. These are available in many sizes at Home Depot or just about any hardware store, for much less than the metal knives in the kitchen departments. They also clean up completely, whereas the metal ones may have just a bit of contamination seething in the wood next to the metal.
    I’ve used the various sizes to work dough batches up to 10 pounds without too much trouble. (Except for space.) I can lift and flip three or 5 pounds without any trouble. The knives also work well to clean off the counter.
    The added benefit, obviously, is that you can use them to repair nail holes in a wall or to re-sheetrock a room. I love when I can use something to perform two dissimilar tasks!
    Here’s a shot of my kitchen scrapers / bench knives.
    Some of my bench knives / kitchen scrapers.