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    Kitchen Measuring Spoons

    If you’ve been cooking for more than a year or two, you probably have a bunch of measuring spoons in one of your kitchen drawers. Maybe in more than one drawer. I know I have the remnants of at least four sets kicking around. I also found an adjustable measure last year and it’s become my favorite for things like “2 Tablespoons of olive oil” or “2 1/2 Tablespoons of sugar.”
    Here are some of my measuring spoons. Pay special attention to the little blue gizmo in back; it’s very useful.
    For normal, day-to-day use, I prefer metal measuring spoons. The size is stamped into the metal, so it won’t wear off, as happens with plastic. I can wash them, then dry them completely over a burner in a few seconds and use them again very quickly. Try heating a plastic spoon to dry it. On second thought, don’t.
    Here are my measuring spoons, including the adjustable one in the rear.